Talking to Tyler Hill about what he knows best — photography, video, and production — was a great opportunity for me to sit back and hear some sensible, smart, and sharp-witted takes on the creative life. My biggest payoff was realizing how teaching media production has allowed him to step…

The new year is upon us. You could say it’s inevitable. After a topsy-turvy 12 months that shall remain nameless, you’re probably feeling a bit like me: A little out of tune, wondering how to get your bearings.

Hopefully, you’ve got some goals. Maybe it’s writing that screenplay, publishing that…

Medium is all about finding you. With that in mind, I’ve created 5+1 — an alternative to the long-winded, time-consuming creative podcasts.

Every month, I’m going to invite someone to sit down to discuss the creative life. I’ll have set up the questions ahead of time. I can’t…

Charles Parsons

UX Writer by day. Obsessive reader, film critic, fiction writer, friend to poets, cats, and environmental crusaders at all times. Opinions are my own.

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