• Pradeep Y

    Pradeep Y

  • Rachel Baird

    Rachel Baird

    Cottagecore communist. Intersectional feminist. Obsessed with issues of food and body, socioeconomic class, gender, and sexuality. she/they

  • Sara Shipley

    Sara Shipley

  • Andy McNally

    Andy McNally

    Freelance Illustrator, Cartoonist, and Writer. Interested in creativity, creative technology, and making a living as a creative.

  • JD Brewer-Hofmann

    JD Brewer-Hofmann

    Full-time Software Engineering Student at Flatiron School, musician, and lover of plants

  • Ines Beatrix

    Ines Beatrix

  • Han Kim

    Han Kim

  • Esac Eden

    Esac Eden

    I write about anything. Aiming to learn Spanish. Sharing is caring ❤

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